PET for brain connectivity: back to the future?


PET for brain connectivity: back to the future?

May 28th, 2022

Glasgow, UK and Streamed Live

In the last two decades, brain connectivity has developed into a predominant area of neuroscience. PET is known as a unique tool for tracing molecular targets with a high sensitivity. However, the contribution of PET to the understanding of brain connectivity, as compared to MRI based techniques, has been very modest so far

This Brain & Brain PET 2022 satellite symposium gathers those scientists who apply PET for estimation of brain connectivity.

At this symposium participants will learn about:

(1) how PET can contribute to the field of brain connectivity                                                         

(2) common methods and applications of PET-based connectivity modelling                               

(3) publicly available PET datasets and tools to allow image analyses in absence of own data    

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